BCPM VER 2.0 - Versatile, Convential Brush Commutated Motor Design Tool

BCPM is an entire Brush Commutated DC design environment. The designer can choose from a large library of parameterized geometries or draw from scratch. Once the geometry is complete, windings are added by completing a simple table corresponding to the machine’s real world windings. The simulator can accommodate permanent magnet as well as series or parallel wound field designs

The designer then builds the inverter topology and describes the control signals, all with BCPM's built in schematic capture module. The design is then "run" using one of the solver methods together with finite element magnetic field calculations at successive rotor positions. Full parameterized output is provided without any additional post-processing. Output ranges from machine inductances, currents, voltages, torque as well as flux density and demagnetization plots.

Major Features:    
•Built-In Schematic Capture •No Pre or Post Processing •Easy Winding Input
•Flux Density Distribution
•Iron Loss Calculation
•Demagnetization Prediction
•Machine Power & Efficiency
•Torque (Output & Cogging) •All Voltage & Current Waveforms
•Choice of Parameterized or Generalized Geometry Modeler
Synchronous Generator

Brushless DC Motor

Brush Commutated Motor

Induction Motor
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