MagneForce Software Systems produces software for design and simulation of rotating electric machines.

MagneForce Software engineers are first and foremost motor designers themselves. Throughout their careers they have worked with the limitations of the current electromagnetic design software that is available. Because of this they have devoted their work to developing a software that makes it easy to obtain truly meaningful results for the motor designer.

MagneForce products combine Finite Element techniques together with time based circuit models to provide a total electric machine design environment.

MagneForce simulators compute directly machine performance parameters such as voltages, currents, torque, power (real and imaginary) and efficiency. Output from MagneForce simulators also consists of the entire set of machine magnetic parameters including inductances, flux density distributions, demagnetization plots and iron loss distributions.

Synchronous Generator

Brushless DC Motor

Brush Commutated Motor

Induction Motor
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