GenAC VER 2.1 - Synchronous Generator Design Tool

GenAC primary solver utilizes an iterative approach in which machine magnetic fields are calculated using finite element techniques. These results are used to calculate winding currents in a time domain SPICE circuit model. The process continues until convergence is achieved.

From start to finish, results will be obtained in hours, not days or weeks. This is possible due, in part, to MagneForce's large machine geometry library, a resource containing permanent magnet, wound field and inside-out designs. Each parametrized model can also be modified using the built-in flexible geometry modeler. GenAC's users also benefit from a quick learning curve, resulting in users reaching and maintaining software proficiency with much less effort.

Major Features:    
•Quick Access to Parameterized •Geometry Models •Flexible Geometry Modeler
•No Pre or Post Processing •Iron Loss Calculation •Real and Imaginary Watts
•Asymmetric Loads •Easy Winding Input •Demagnetization Prediction
•Efficiency & Power Factor •Fault Study Simulation •Flux Density Distribution
•Electronic & Network Loads •All Machine Voltage and Current Waveform
Synchronous Generator

Brushless DC Motor

Brush Commutated Motor

Induction Motor
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