INDU VER 2.0 - Efficient, Induction Motor Design Tool

INDU is an efficient induction motor design environment capable of simulating the entire torque speed characteristic. Its direct solver method can acurately predict transent performance and parameters. The design process begins by choosing from a large library of parameterized slot modules or by drawing from scratch. Once the geometry is set, materials are selected and windings are added by completing a simple table.

Using INDU’s built in schematic capture the designer next describes the inverter or excitation circuitry. operation of the entire design including moror and electronics is then simulated using one of three solver methods. Magnetic parameters are calcualated using the Finite Element Method. Indu can simulate single and multi-phased design. Full paramaterized output is provided without any additional processing.

Major Features:    
•Built-In Schematic Capture •Torque •Iron Loss Calculation
•Easy Winding Input
•Flux Density Distribution
•Machine Power & Efficiency
•No Pre or Post Processing
•Parameterized or Flexible Geometry Input
Synchronous Generator

Brushless DC Motor

Brush Commutated Motor

Induction Motor
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