Constant Terminal Voltage Simulation Technique for GenAC

Date: Feb. 28 2007

MagneForce Simulation Suite -- Version 3.0 Introduction

MagneForce announces the release of its Version 3.0 simulation suite for analysis of rotating electric machines.

MagneForce is the first and only finite element development environment exclusively targeted to the design & simulation of electric motor and generator systems. The four self contained modules of the MagneForce suite include the ability to analyze synchronous generators, brush and brushless motors & generators as well as induction machines.

Since it is not general purpose finite element software MagneForce has distinct advantages in the areas of ease of use and completeness of parameter output. Analysis that previously took weeks to complete can now be accomplished within hours. At the core of MagneForce’s calculation algorithms are its own highly refined and efficient finite element solvers linked with a variety of time based analysis techniques to provide the designer with a complete picture of the motor or generator system.

For more information please contact Peter Baldassari at (716) 646-8577 or

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