Pulse Width Modulation Control Scheme for BLDC
Date: August 23, 2004

MagneForce Software Systems, Inc. demonstrated a Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) control scheme extension to its BLDC software. BLDC uses the finite element method for magnetic parameter calculation and a coupled circuit model to simulate the control electronics. With the recent PWM extension a designer can now simulate the machine-drive system while the drive electronics are operating in one of four different modes. One mode is a traditional rotor angle control mode while the other three are different PWM control schemes. The three PWM modes are Square Voltage, Freeform and Bang-Bang mode. In the Bang-Bang mode the switch is controlled so as to modulate the motor line current to be as sinusoidal as possible. The square voltage and freeform modes derive their switch control signals from a combination of a base frequency and a carrier frequency.
MagneForce Software Systems specializes in producing simulation software for rotating electric machines using finite elements for magnetic field calculations together with various time based techniques for circuit simulations. This approach allows MagneForce to accurately compute all harmonics and non-linearities whether they be magnetic, spatial or time based.

For more information please contact Peter Baldassari at (716) 646-8577 or pbaldassari@magneforcess.com

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