BCPM Extended to Include Series Field & AC Excitation Sources

Date: November 30, 2004

MagneForce Software Systems, Inc. releases an extension to its BCPM software simulation package to include series field designs and AC excitation sources. With the extensions a designer can now simulate a DC machine that contains a permanent magnet field a shunt wound field as well as a series wound field. Additionally, excitation sources can be defined as DC or AC as desired. BCPM can take advantage of Arbi-Draw for flexible geometry creation as well as MagneForce’s all in one matrix solver for transient performance calculation.
MagneForce Software Systems specializes in producing simulation software for rotating electric machines using finite elements for magnetic field calculations together with various time based techniques for circuit simulations. This approach allows MagneForce to accurately compute all harmonics and non-linearities whether they be magnetic, spatial or time based.

For more information please contact Peter Baldassari at (716) 646-8577 or pbaldassari@magneforcess.com

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