Transient Solution Simulation Technique Extended for BLDC

Date: July 10, 2003

MagneForce Software Systems, Inc. today demonstrated an extension to its transient solution solver built into its BLDC software. The transient solution solver allows simulation of the asynchronous operation of a rotating electric machine. For instance, BLDC can be used to simulate the starting characteristic of a synchronous motor, induction motor or brushless DC motor. The technique centers around MagneForce’s all in one solution matrix in which the machine together with its associated load/drive circuitry is simulated together. All machine magnetic and drive/load circuit parameters are contained in one solution matrix which is then solved on a time stepping basis. This allows MagneForce to accurately compute the true transient parameters within the machine.

MagneForce Software Systems specializes in producing simulation software for rotating electric machines using finite elements for magnetic field calculations together with various time based techniques for circuit simulations. This approach allows MagneForce to accurately compute all harmonics and non-linearities whether they are magnetic, spatial or time based

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