GenAC - Synchronous Generator Design Tool
GenAC primary solver utilizes an iterative approach in which machine magnetic fields are calculated using finite element techniques. These results are used to calculate winding currents in a time domain SPICE circuit model. The process continues until convergence is achieved.

BLDC - Brush Commutated Design Tool
BLDC is an entire brushless DC design environment. It is easy to use and easy to remain proficient at, a benefit for casual users, all without sacrificing the in depth analysis demanded by power users.

BCPM-Brush Commutated Design Tool
BCPM is an entire Brush Commutated DC design environment. The designer can choose from a large library of parameterized geometries or draw from scratch. Once the geometry is complete, windings are added by completing a simple table corresponding to the machine’s real world windings.

INDU-Induction Motor Design Tool
INDU is an efficient induction motor design environment capable of simulating the entire torque speed characteristic. Its direct solver method can acurately predict transent performance and parameters.

Flexible Drawing Extension Released for all Simulators
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Pulse Width Modulation Control Scheme for BLDC
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